“La filosofía de la praxis hoy”: Entrevista con Néstor Kohan

“La filosofía de la praxis hoy”: Entrevista con Néstor Kohan.




Un preocupante boletín del Ministerio de la Defensa girado al Primer Ministro Putin y al Presidente Medvedev el día de hoy señala que el Presidente Hu ha “convenido en principio” que la única forma de detener la agresión del Occidente encabezado por los Estados Unidos es por medio de “acción militar directa e inmediata” y que el líder Chino ha ordenado a sus fuerzas navales “prepararse para la guerra”.

El llamado de Hu para la guerra se une al del contralmirante Chino y prominente comentarista militar Zhang Zhaozhong que, igualmente, advirtió la semana pasada que “China no dudará en proteger a Irán aun si para ello se necesita una Tercera Guerra Mundial” y el General Ruso Nikolai Makarov que, fatídicamente declaró la semana pasada “No descarto que conflictos armados locales y regionales desemboquen en una guerra a gran escala, incluyendo el uso de armas nucleares”

El aumento de las tensiones…

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WordPress.com News and Numbers: The October Hot List

The WordPress.com Blog

With October in the books, it’s time to take a look at the incredible accomplishments of the WordPress.com community over the past month. Coming in the wake of an impressive September, you raised the bar once again.

You’re a (blogging) force to be reckoned with.

You published 36,311,289 posts, with a collective word count of 9,036,553,158 (yes, that’s over nine billion). If each post took two minutes to read, it would still take you 138 years to plough through them.

You hit the “Like” button 7,845,047 times, and engaged with other bloggers to the tune of 63,108,719 new comments. Shy? Not you.

Our carefully selected Freshly Pressed posts received 103,568 views, with 176 new posts added to the Freshly Pressed fold.

You love media.

Smile, you’re on camera! Your blogs featured no fewer than 12,498,187 Flickr images and 2,106,005 new image galleries. Those sleek image gallery carousels? They allowed your visitors…

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WordPressers in the Press

The WordPress.com Blog

Last week, Ben offered a snapshot of another great month on WordPress.com. Our bloggers continue to bask in the spotlight, with viral hits and cross-platform success. Here’s a glimpse at what your fellow WordPressers are doing on the web.

Parenting blogger hits the New York Times 

kristen hansen brakemanParenting blogger and writer Kristen Hansen Brakeman is busy these days. We’re happy to see one of her pieces (“When Do ‘Family Rules’ Change For Teenagers?”) on Motherlode, the parenting blog of the New York Times.

She was also named a finalist in Blogger Idol, a contest where bloggers respond to writing prompts and are eliminated weekly. One of the posts for the contest, “Don’t Hate Me Because I Can’t Hear You,” made it to the Huffington Post.

Awards and mentions

Oliver BoothOliver Booth and the Evil Socialite, the book by The Rich Life blogger David Desmond, was selected as…

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